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Bangladesh Cotton Association (BCA) is the national trade body of Cotton Agents, Cotton Traders, Cotton Growers, Cotton Ginners and Cotton Controllers ( Inspection Companies ). BCA is an affiliated member of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) and an affiliated Association of the International Cotton Association (ICA) based in Liverpool, UK.

BCA is also closely working with the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) and we are sendering our effects is various committees and sub-committees of the Govt. and the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Bangladesh Cotton Association is established in the year of 2000 AD with a strong desire to serve the Cotton Community of the Country.

Some of the aims and objectives of the Association are:-

  1. To promote and protect the interest of Cotton Agents, Traders, Growers, Ginners and Controllers ( Inspection Companies ).
  2. To promote right understanding and unanimity among its members, in particular, and the businessman in Bangladesh, in general, in all subjects involving their interest generally.
  3. To establish and promote contacts with foreign countries and help promote trade relations with them in order to develop the Cotton Agents, Traders, Growers and Ginners in Bangladesh.
  4. To help import Cotton and other requirements of the members of the Association and to afford all possible facilities to them in the procurement of such materials and other requirements as may be necessary for the establishment, growth and development of the Cotton Agents, Traders, Growers & Ginners in Bangladesh.
  5. To take all possible measures for boosting, Promoting and diversifying Cotton business through Agents, Traders, Growers & Ginners in Bangladesh.
  6. To accept any request, gift, donation or Lawful subscription towards any fund or endowment or waqf and to establish and support, the establishment of any funds, institutions and trusts purported to benefit the members of the association, its employees or Ex-employees or their dependents and to subscribe or guarantee money for any charitable or benevolent object or for any public, general useful objects.

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